Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Not always when we pray do we get what we want. You might pray for winning the lottery or something to that affect and not get it. You may pray for a new pair of shoes you have been wanting, a new car, or anything else. The thing is with prayer, you might not get what you "want" but God always provides just what you "need."

But what if you lived in a country that the basics needs are not made? What if every day you prayed for a used pair of shoes, even a pair that had a only a couple of holes? What if you went days with out eating. What would you pray for then?

One thing that I've come to find through Compassion and the power of prayer is that your prayers change. Instead of always praying for what you think you want, you start praying for what you need. And when you don't need anything, you start praying about the blessings in your life. Well the power of prayer is truly seen when you began to pray for others. Through compassion not only do you financially support a child, but your spiritually support them. Through the power of prayer and your love and devotion, these children's lives are changed. They are provided for each day. They learn that someone out there loves them.

Through Compassion, you not only change a child's life, but through the power of prayer, your life is forever changed!